Built for Contractors, by Contractors

Among elevator manufacturers, Dura-Vator is unique.

We understand what contractors need to get the job done right. That’s why all of our products are precision-engineered and purpose built with top quality, non-proprietary components.

Each system we manufacture is tested and free of defects right out of the factory. We make sure it’s delivered on time, built on budget, and ready for your expert installation.

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Traction Elevators are the most common type of elevators in use today.

These elevators use a system of pulleys, counterweights, and steel ropes to raise and lower the elevator cab. Traction elevators typically have a fast rate of speed, and because of the counterweight, the motor doesn’t have to expend as much power. This makes traction elevators an ideal, energy-efficient solution for taller buildings, high rises, and skyscrapers.

MRL In-Line

Our machine roomless (MRL) in-line system is the economical application you want with the power and performance you need. This rail-supported system installs in minimal time and allows access to each landing served at the front of the hoistway.


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MRL Front & Rear

Our rail-supported MRL front & rear packages are designed for buildings that need separate access at the rear of the elevator. These non-proprietary, skillfully manufactured products have added versatility to fit in buildings with split-level (short) floors.

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MRL Front & Side

If building conditions prohibit front & rear opening systems, then our MRL front & side configurations are what you need. This rail-mounted system arrives with all components and installs quickly.

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Pre-Wired Packages

Our custom, 100% pre-wired packages ship with all the right cables, plugs, and connectors. These systems are pre-tested before they leave the factory, arrive at your site on-time, and are easy to install. Because of the custom build and pre-testing, technicians can wire them up in just a few hours.

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Hydraulic elevators are an alternative to traction elevators, and operate via hydraulic jack. These systems use fluid compression inside of a cylinder to generate movement, as opposed to standard hoistway machines.

Hydraulic elevators are ideal for shorter buildings (two to seven stories) because of the power they require and the slower speeds they travel at.

Hydraulic In-Line

Our custom-fabricated hydraulic in-line elevators are built to your building’s exact specifications, delivered on-time and ready to install.

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Hydraulic Front & Rear

Hydraulic front & rear packages are a great solution for buildings with less than seven stories and short, or split-level floors. Our non-proprietary systems install quickly for an economical, safe, and smooth operation.

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