7 Questions to Ask an Elevator Manufacturer for Businesses

7 Questions to Ask an Elevator Manufacturer for Businesses Featured Image

There are more than 160 elevator manufacturers in the $3 billion elevator manufacturing industry. Whether you have a new building project that needs elevators or you’re upgrading elevators for one of your customers, you have to make sure you hire the right elevator manufacturer.

The wrong one can result in lost time and productivity. You don’t have time to deal with elevators that don’t fit or missing parts.

You have to know what questions to ask prospective elevator manufacturers to find the best one to fit your project’s needs. Read on to learn the top questions to ask manufacturers before you hire one.

1. What Is Your Experience in Manufacturing Elevators?

A manufacturer with a lot of experience will be more likely to understand your needs and challenges as you compete against the large manufacturers and installers.

Elevators have been used throughout history, but your manufacturer shouldn’t rely on old technology in their work.

They should also use advanced technologies and installation systems to make your job easier. Good manufacturers learn from their installers just as much as installers learn from the manufacturers. They’ll take those lessons and apply them to the product.

You can follow that question up by asking if the manufacturer has any specializations. For example, they may specialize in residential elevators or commercial elevators. Others specialize in specific industries, such as the hospitality industry or office buildings.

2. Do You Have Referrals or a Portfolio of Previous Installations?

You want to know what other installers have experienced when they worked with the elevator manufacturer. An elevator manufacturer should have testimonials from installers.

They may also have a portfolio of recent projects. Ask if you can see the portfolio and if you can contact the installers who worked on those jobs.

You want to get an idea as to how companies respond when things go wrong. Ask them about the challenges of some recent installations and how they overcame those obstacles.

3. What Type of Elevator Do You Recommend for This Project?

Your job is likely to have very specific needs and you need the right type of elevator. Do you have a large building project? You are likely to need a traction elevator where a hydraulic elevator is good for low-profile buildings.

Mid-rise buildings can be perfect for an MRL elevator, especially if the client is looking for energy efficiency.

You want to be able to go over your project needs with the elevator manufacturer, and they should be able to recommend a specific fit and why they recommend that above others.

4. How Easy Is It to Install and Maintain?

Your job is to install and maintain elevators. You want to make that work as easy as possible. The faster jobs go, the more customers you can serve.

That means more revenue and happy customers for your business. The elevators you choose to install and maintain have to be easy. The parts should be light and manageable.

You also don’t want to deal with proprietary parts. Proprietary parts can break, and you can only get them from one source. That one source often charges a premium for that replacement part. Some proprietary parts also require specialized tools as well.

Using proprietary parts can extend the length of service time, which can create unhappy customers for you. You’re much better off using non-proprietary parts that you can easily replace.

5. How Do You Approach Elevator Design?

An elevator manufacturer is likely to have a specific approach to design. Their approach to design has to align with your installation process in order to be a good fit.

Think about the technologies used to create the elevator. Yes, you want the latest technology, but you also don’t want technology that won’t be supported in a year or two. That will make long-term maintenance a challenge.

You want to know what kind of testing is done before the product is shipped to the field. That will ensure a smooth installation.

6. What Is the Total Cost of the Elevator?

Your customers are going to want to know a few numbers. They’ll want to know the cost of the elevator. They’ll also need to know the maintenance costs.

You may already provide maintenance packages to your clients, but you also want to make sure that they’re profitable. Ask what the average costs of maintenance is, and what the common issues are with the elevator.

7. Who Will Manage My Account and How Can I Reach Them?

As an elevator contractor, you don’t have the time to chase people down to try to find an answer to a simple question. You may be in the middle of the job and you need an answer at that moment.

Will you have a point of contact or will you have to wait for hours to find an answer? This is an important question to ask because the longer you have to wait to get support, the more it costs your business.

Make sure you know who your point of contact is, when they can be reached, and the fastest way to get an answer to your questions.

Choose a Top Elevator Manufacturer

No matter what kind of elevator you need for your project, the elevator manufacturer you choose will have a significant impact on your business. You have to make sure that you choose a manufacturer with experience.

They need to have a selection of elevators and design processes to fit with your project. They also have to be easy to install and maintain.

Do you want to work with an elevator manufacturer who can make your work easier? Contact us today to find out more about our elevators.