The Benefits of Working With a US Based MRL Elevator Company

The Benefits of Working With a US Based MRL Elevator Company Featured Image

If you’re considering working with a U.S.-based MRL elevator company versus one overseas, you’ve come to the right place. Although an overseas company may save you some money for the short-term, there are many longterm benefits to hiring U.S.-based companies that you may not have considered before.

Even better, these benefits determine the longterm growth and health of your own company.

Read on as we guide you through all of the benefits of hiring a U.S.-based company!

1. Strengthening Middle-Class Jobs

Did you know that most manufacturing jobs pay a strong middle-class income? According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturing workers earn an average salary of $87,185. This is over twice as much as the national median income and places them solidly in the middle-class.

However, you may be wondering why it matters that you’re boosing middle-class careers. Simply put, middle-class jobs create overall wealth for the nation. For every $1.00 you spend hiring a manufacturing worker in the United States, you’re putting $2.74 back into the economy.

In contrast, hiring workers from beyond the border won’t give you those economic benefits. Although you may enjoy a short term benefit of reduced costs, the longterm benefit of a stronger U.S. economy helps everyone.

The middle-class is able to grow the economy so substantially because they don’t hoard their wealth as much as the top 1% of earners. They use their disposable income to purchase services and goods, stimulating other businesses and helping them grow.

2. Huge GDP Impact

You’ll also be surprised to learn that manufacturing takes part in a huge portion of our economy. According to World Bank data, as of 2018, the United States GDP is over $20.544 trillion. Out of that, manufacturing contributes to 11.6% of U.S. economic output and our manufactured goods account for half of our exports.

You can view hiring a U.S.-based manufacturing company as an investment in the U.S. economy.

3. Environmentally-Friendly

Another aspect that people don’t consider when hiring companies based in countries such as China or India is the higher carbon footprint. Those goods they create still need to be shipped all the way to the United States afterward, resulting in more fossil fuel burned.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that these countries have few to no regulations when it comes to protecting the water and air from pollution. If your company takes pride in its environmentally-practices, you need to hire U.S.-based companies. They’re bound to the regulations here and don’t need to ship their products across large distances.

There is also the question of the quality of some products manufactured overseas. For instance, in 2007 children’s toys made in China were recalled because they had toxic levels of lead paint and kerosene. The risk of toxic chemicals on products created in the United States is far less because of our regulations.

4. Human Rights

Countries with weak environmental protections also may not have many protections when it comes to the health and well-being of their workers. You’re able to pay much less when it comes to overseas workers. This is because they’re not being compensated as well as workers in the United States.

Although it’s important that workers in China, India, Mexico, and other countries can provide for their families for steady jobs, continuing to use companies that don’t protect their workers only makes their mistreatment more prolific.

Consumers aren’t happy with supporting companies who try to cut costs by hiring mistreated workers, either. For instance, it was discovered by the New York Times in 2006 that workers in Jordan were working 20 hour days, not being paid for months, and being assaulted by supervisors.

It may seem unbelievable that such egregious human rights violations were happening. However, these companies were hired by Target, Wal-Mart, and other large American retailers. They were essentially giving the stamp of approval even if they were unaware of the violations before the story came out.

Don’t make the same mistake for your own company and stand up for workers’ rights.

5. Inspiring Innovation

Patented goods are a huge source of income for our country. These new developments typically come from the manufacturing sector. This is because manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the speed, quality, and safety of their products and processes.

These innovations improve the lives of both businesses and American citizens. By hiring U.S.-based manufacturers, you’re encouraging the industry to continue to find improvements that will benefit our country for the longterm. Here are a few areas of innovation that the manufacturing industry often focuses on to produce quality products:

  • Increased operational and resource productivity
  • Implementing continuous improvement culture
  • Creating an innovation culture as a core component ofbusiness
  • Developing talent to increase creative ideas
  • Migrating to a Connect & Develop (C&D) model tomeet consumers’ needs
  • Collaborating more with suppliers

As you can see, all of these moves towards innovation will have wide, beneficial ripples for consumers, employees, and even competitors.

Work With a U.S.-Based MRL Elevator Company

As you can see, working with a U.S.-based MRL elevator company benefits you more than you may think. Installer testimonials show that you’re working with a trusted company.

You’ll be contributing to our country’s middle-class and the overall health of the economy. Moreover, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint, looking out for workers’ rights, and contributing to continual growth and innovation.

Are you ready to hire an advanced MRL elevator system company? Dura-Vator provides time-efficient services with easily serviceable parts that are 100% non-proprietary. Get in touch with us today to get started!